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Vitae Azilia - reżyserski debiut Joanny Wapniewskiej

Cartoon Film Studio is known primarily for films for the children audience. A small percentage of SFR films was made for the older audience.

Vitae Dubiae Azilia (Latin for "Uncertain Living Asylum") was the first funeral home in which the employees' task was to observe the bodies to obtain absolute certainty that death did indeed occur" (P. Aries, 1992). Although their main role was to silence in society the panic fear of being buried alive, they "prolonged" the dead on earth, leaving relatives time to say farewell and accept death.

the director of the short film says: "Vitae Azilia" (a working title) is a film about a lost, but still living relationship between two people. The main character is a young woman. she is alone with her own feelings and longings. She tries to find herself again in the context of the loss of a loved one.

The film is realized in the 2D animation technique. Animation is drawn by hand on the paper and on a graphic tablet, in computer programs. The planned date of completion of the film is on the end of this year. Currently, work is underway on animation.

The film is co-financed by the Polish Film Institute.

Joanna Wapniewska is the director of the film, at the same time the author of the script, artistic designs of the characters and decorations. The author is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow.